The AI girl next door

“Feeling pretty today :).”

The AI girl next door
Claudia was an AI-generated fake. (Reddit)

Full story: ‘Claudia’ offers nude photos for pay. Experts say she’s an AI fake.

It wasn’t until last week, when Claudia posted the “feeling pretty today” photo to a Reddit forum devoted to “images of human faces,” that people began suspecting an AI was involved.

Some Reddit users posted that Claudia’s skin looked “too smooth, too ‘perfect’” and pointed out that the white, featureless room she was pictured in had a ceiling beam that disappeared behind her head. An AI programmer who spoke with The Post said it also had some technical giveaways: The photo’s width, of 512 pixels, is Stable Diffusion’s default image size.

Not everyone saw through the act. The Reddit user “Lanky_Grade_268,” who said he is a 21-year-old hotel cleaner in Argentina, had called Claudia “beautiful and charming” and said he was unnerved by the revelation she might be fake. “It is scary because it will be difficult to distinguish between an AI and a real person,” he said in a message.

But the Reddit user “Ryan5197,” who’d told Claudia she looked “incredible,” was less disturbed. “My opinion of the image is unchanged,” he said. “She’s a pretty character.”

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